Application for a Variance

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Zoning Board of Appeals

Comprehensive Permit Regulations

Section I:  Application

A. Each applicant shall submit twenty copies of the application which shall include at 

Minimum the following information:

a. Preliminary site development plans showing the locations and outlines of proposed buildings; the proposed locations, general dimensions and materials for streets, drives, parking areas, walks and paved area; and proposed landscaping improvements and open areas within the site. All structures of five or more units must have site development plans signed by a registered architect;

b. A report on existing site conditions and a summary of conditions in the surrounding areas, showing the location and nature or existing buildings, existing street elevation, traffic patterns and character of open areas, if any, in the neighborhood;

c. Preliminary, scaled, architectural drawing. For each building the drawings shall be signed by a registered architect, and shall include typical floor plans, typical elevations, and sections, and shall identify construction type and exterior finish;

d. A tabulation of proposed buildings by type, size (number of bedrooms, floor area) and ground coverage, and a summary showing the percentage of the tract to be occupied by buildings, by parking and other paved vehicular area, and by open area;

e. Where a subdivision of land is involved, a preliminary subdivision plan;

f. A preliminary utilities plan showing the proposed location and types of sewage, drainage, and water facilities, including hydrants;

g. An aquifer study showing sufficient water for all buildings;

h. Documents showing that the applicant fulfills the jurisdictional requirements of 760CMR 31.01;

i. A list or requested exceptions to local requirements and regulations, including local codes, ordinances, by-laws or regulations.