Excise Taxes

Excise tax bills are issued throughout the year when commitments are received from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. All bills are based on the information in the RMV database which is obtained when you register a vehicle. It is extremely important to use your correct mailing address when registering a vehicle and to notify the registry of any address change. 

If you receive a bill for a vehicle which you no longer own and wish to file for an abatement, you must contact the Oakham Assessor's office or their web site for an abatement form. Abatements and refunds do not happen automatically. You must file your completed paperwork in a timely manner. Bills are due 30 days from the date of mailing regardless of whether an abatement is in process. It is suggested that you pay the bill on time and receive a refund when time does not allow for the abatement to be processed. 

Never ignore an excise tax bill. Bills must be paid or abated in full to avoid additional fees. After the due date, interest accrues at a rate of 12% per annum along with a demand in the amount of $20. A demand bill is due 14 days from the date of issue. The next process for a delinquent bill is notification from the Deputy Collector, Arthur P. Jones and Associates, Inc. with additional fees due him. Currently additional fees for bills not paid amount to $64. If a bill remains delinquent, the Registry of Motor Vehicles is notified and your right to register other vehicles or renew your license or registration is denied until payment is received. 

The Town of Oakham has hired Arthur P. Jones and Associates, Inc. to collect delinquent Motor Vehicle Excise taxes. Once a bill is turned over to his office, payments must be made using a bank check or money order. You may make payments to that office by mailing your check and a copy of the latest bill or notice to P. O. Box 808, Easthampton, MA 01027-0808. The telephone number is (413) 527-2388. Please make your checks payable to the Town of Oakham.