Events and COVID Info

COVID-19 Vacination Clinic

        1.In conjunction with the Oakham Board of Health, we are excited and pleased to have offered to our residents 75yrs. and over a COVID-19 vaccination clinic on February 4, 2021 from 1:00pm until 4:00pm to all those who have preregistered.  This was  held at the Oakham Fire Station.  We asked that people do not arrive more than 5 minutes before their scheduled time.  

On Feb 27 those who received the first dose of vaccine on Feb 4 and who preregistered were given the second dose.     March 4-           We, The COA,  are no longer able to serve as a conduit for registering for vaccines.  The BOH will have more information going forward.  

 As always, we will do our best to keep all our seniors apprised of the upcoming news.


Keeping seniors safe while keeping them engaged is everyone's goal.  Bemis Farms continues to offer grab and go kits for Councils on Aging to distribute.

We are very willing to offer these projects at a very low fee of $5 ea. to our seniors.  Here is a list of the offerings:  Late March-a colorful Easter basket, Late April-a cold loving Spring Bowl, Late May- a culinary herb garden, June-a summer porch pot ($10) and July- a succulent bird cage.  All of these projects can be seen on the Bemis Farms website.

If you see something you woud like to create, place an order with Lucy at 508-882-3358.  The orders must be given to Tina one week before delivery.  Reserve your kit by calling on or before the 15th of the month of the project you would like to create.  Have some FUN!.. Get ready for better days.You will be contacted by phone as to the time and date to pick up your kit.  Due to the cost and size of the June patio pot kit we are asking $10 for each one ordered.  All the others will remain at the stunningly lost cost of $5 ea.

    Since the state of emergency will be discontinued on June 15, the patio pot grab and go will be held as an in person class at the Sr. Center parking lot with Tina explaining the plants and how to arrange.  Project will be completed before the end of class.  The date will be June 21 o2 22.  Keep watching.  Please be sure to call if you wish to participate.  The cost is $10.

            3. Summer: 2021

   We are  planning to offer the hot dog and hamburger cook-out/take-out or eat-in on   Saturday, July 17 at the Back Door Cafe.  Chief Howe has already agreed to be the chef.  When making the reservation, be sure to indicate hot dog or hamburg and eating-in or taking-out.  Please call 508-882-3358 to make reservations. We will be cooking in the parking lot outside the Back Door Cafe.  To receive your order, it will be necessary to enter into the Cafe and pick up meal.  There will places set up around the tables for those who wish to stay and socialize.  Take out oreders will be pre packed and bagged for easy retrieval.  This is the first time we have tried the cook-outs in this manner, so, please be patient with us when you come. 

   In August, the COA together with the Police Dept. will sponsor the Chicken BBQ at the pavillion located at the Lake Dean Campground on Saturday, August 22, 2021 at 12 noon.  We are slowly getting back to some normalcy by holding outdoor events in the summer and hope to be able to open the Back Door Cafe completely in September.


            4. NEW EVENT - MAY 1, 2021 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2021  :  THE WALK/MA CHALLENGE

        Our Council on Aging/Sr. Center has entered the Walk/MA Challenge offered by the MCOA.  The program begins on May 1, 2021 and terminates on September 30, 2021.  Each COA in Mass. will register any seniors who would like to join this event.  In Oakham contact Lucy if you would like to join us.

Just what is the Challenge?  

     There are 5 challenges from which to choose.  You choose the one best suited for you to accomplish  You can walk inside, outside, on a track, a treadmill, in a mall, in a gym or on a golf course-what ever you want!  Then, track your walking between May 1 and September 30 on our handy walking journal. Submit this form to your COA at the end of the challenge and from there you will be entered to win a raffle prize.  It is that easy.

     The choices of the challenge from which you can choose one to complete before September 30 are:

  • Walk 65 five days between May 1 and September 30
  • Walk for 1,788 minutes between May 1 and September 30
  • Walk 126.5 miles
  • Walk 351 miles
  • Walk 692,600 steps

         Councils on Aging will receive an entry into the drawing for each person who completes his/her challenge.

          Each person who completes his/her challenge will be entered into a drawing for $50 visa gift cards, $25 Amazon gift cards and $10 Dunkin gift cards.   

          Winners will be announced sometime around the first of December by the MCOA  However, there will also be a drawing and special prize given to one member of our Oakham team by the OakhamCOA.  So, Good Luck to everyone and especially stay safe during your walk.      Sign up with Lucy to join us - 508-882-3358  - the more the merrier.

   We are so pleased with the number of Oakham walkers who have entered the challenge to improve their health and to help the COA.  Thank you to all 41 and good luck.  We will collect your jounals in September.  However, anyone who finishes early may turn them in  anytime.  And, there is still time to register - Sepember is a long way off.  Call 508-882-3358 to sign up- the more the merrier.

            6.  The autobiography writing class continues to meet outside on the Common during good weather on the second Friday of each month..  New comers are most welcome.

             7.   LOOKING FORWARD- somethings new:

                           Furniture, decorations, curtains, puzzlesbook, activities, Ipads & computers for everyone, and athe brand new "MySeniorcenter"database and communication center. 

                           It will be exciting- a new look and a new schedule of programs.  We have been working hard on the re-opening preparations.  We anticipate opening The Back Door Cafe and the Activities' Room slowly during the summer months and to open fully after Labor Day if the COVID-19 cooperates and we can meet all health protocols.  Above all, we want your safety.

                           We have had great successes during the COVID months and we hope that all residents will continue with their support throughout the remainder of the year.  We need your help to continue with our work or this program  could end.

                 We are working on a terrific idea for Christmas in July this year for grandparents and grandchildren.  We hope this will be successful and enjoyed by all who participate.  We will keep you posted with the details as our plans become solidified. So, stay tuned and keep reading the Herald for details as well.

                            We are also planning to propose two exercise classes and are investigating leaders for each group.  When these are scheduled, you will be notified.  Also, we have connected with an artist to offer Pastel Painting in October, water color painting. creating with polymer clay in the winter, and jewelry making.  These should be a lot of fun as well as educational.  Artist or not, please do sign up for these classes. Puzzles will always be accessible.  Guest speakers are also on our list.  

   WE WELCOME YOUR IDEAS!  Don't hesitate to contact us with your thoughts.  We are aiming for a successful year.