We are in serious need of new members to the Council on Aging.  We will not be able to continue much longer as it now stands and operates.  The COA is very important in small towns as ours to help seniors as we are the only personal government agency in town to do this work.  Call Ashley at the Town Hall to sign up and then be appointed by the Board of Selectmen. 




     Treasurer:  Lucy Tessnau

      Member: Pauline Dwelly

      Associate Members:  Jan Pierce and Meg Goodrow

      Oakham Herald Editor: Rick Hendra

       Herald Contributor:  Lucy Tessnau

        Herald Committee:  Lucy Tessnau, Judith Menard, Priscilla McGlynn, Kathy Young, Liz Ott, Linda Mueller, Pauline Dwelly

      Volunteers:  Priscilla McGlynn


        Manager:  Jan Pierce

        Servers:  Diane Rochette and Pauline Dwelly

Contact person for events:  Lucy Tessnau - 508-882-3358

                                             Pauline Dwelly - 508-882-5215

Lunch Reservations (48 hrs. in advance):  Call  Jan at 508-882-5251

Sr. Center - 508-882-5251

                                Senior Center and Back Door Cafe are closed to the public during COVID-19

Jan is available at the Back Door Cafe Monday-Thursday 9:00am-9:45am and 11am-11:45am.