Septic System Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the steps for septic work?

You may have already had some of these done - but in case you haven't...

Permit fees must be submitted at the time of application and before scheduling.  There may be a delay - so plan accordingly. 

Please work with your installer to address any questions you may have. 

Permits/Applications/Plans should be mailed to the Town Hall or placed in the outside box in front of the Town Hall (attention BOH).  The BOH does not have staff or office hours, BOH members do meet in person during public meetings which are held monthly.  Feel free to notify the email if you have dropped off or mailed an application and fee.

  • Soil Evaluation (Perc Test)  $250
    • Tester should contact BOH/Agent when ready to perform testing
  • Submit Plans for Septic Repair/Installation $225 
    • Minimum of 2 plans are required - one that remains with the BOH and a copy for you.
  • Submit application for Construction Permit $100 
    • Septic installer must be an Oakham licensed installer - a yearly permit is required by them- they may not work until they have annual permit. Permit may not be approved until a licensed installer in Oakham is entered on form.
  • Submit payment Inspections (3) $180
  • Submit final "As Built" Plans
    • Minimum of 2 copies if you require a second copy to returned to you.  These will be reviewed and signed.  A Certificate of Compliance will be provided.